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3 Reasons You May Need a Tooth Pulled

Brushing and flossing your teeth prevents serious dental problems but sometimes, it is not enough to avoid extractions. Many family dentistryprofessionals offer this crucial service to uphold your oral health. Below are three reasons you may need to have a tooth pulled.

Reasons Teeth Need to Be Pulled

1. Infections

Occasionally, cavities can penetrate teeth deeply enough that they cause internal dental infections. This comes with a great deal of pain and compromises the health of the root. If abscesses occur in or around the tooth, patients can even experience system-wide health problems, since bacteria can seep into the bloodstream. If your tooth is infected and endodontic treatment isn’t an option, your tooth may need to be extracted.

2. Severe Dental Fractures

Another problem frequently seen by family dentistry experts is dental fractures. While it is true that small chips and superficial cusp cracks can be corrected, fractures with cracks that extend down the root of the tooth may facilitate an extraction. If severely cracked teeth are left in place, they can result in recurrent infections and pain for the patient.

3. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

family dentistryConsidered vestigial body parts by today’s standards, wisdom teeth are extra teeth that develop during your teenage years. Unfortunately, some wisdom teeth are oddly shaped or don’t break through the gum tissue completely, which can cause pain and crowd the teeth. If your wisdom teeth aren’t needed and they cause problems, they will need to be extracted with the help of a family dentistry practice.


While it can be nerve-wracking to learn a tooth needs to be pulled, Mark Stephens DMD will make the process simple and stress-free. With a focus on conservative, preventative family dentistry and a commitment to his patients, this Richmond, KY, dentist approaches every patient with the same kindness and honesty he would afford his own family. To learn more about the services he offers, visit his website or call (859) 626-0069.

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